Top 5 regional areas to work in Australia

Top 5 Regional Areas to Work in Australia

Affordable properties, great job opportunities, clean air and beautiful nature are some of the main reasons to choose one of Australia’s regional areas. Many of them have become hotspots during the pandemic because they have started developing rapidly and outperforming even some of the major capital cities. We picked the five most attractive destination for prospective migrant workers seeking a skilled employer sponsored visa.

1 – Kimberley WA

If you want to live in Western Australia, Kimberley is the perfect location to settle. With a thriving mining industry and growing success in the retail, construction, agriculture and tourism industries, there are great chances for you to get a dream job and earn the regional visa 494. This region is home to some of WA’s most beautiful tourist hubs including the picturesque city of Broome which boasts a 22 kilometre-long pristine sandy beach.

2- Southern Highlands NSW

Quaint towns of the Southern Highlands in New South Wales have also blossomed during the pandemic, and they provide an idyllic setting, affordable housing and ample job opportunities. It is also a fabulous place to start your own business or relocate from a larger city. An hour away from the beaches and only 30 minutes from both Sydney and Canberra, it is a rural area famous for mining, viticulture, fruit and vegetable growing and timber production. The main townships include Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale.

3 – Cairns QLD

Located in North Queensland, Cairns is best known as a tourist hub with tropical beaches, luxury hotels and lush rainforests. However, its key industries also include mining, agriculture, health, education, marine, construction and aviation. Your chances of getting a working visa in this part of QLD are high if you have skills in one of these sectors. The region’s economy has been valued at over $9 billion before the pandemic and its continuing to grow rapidly.

4 – Geelong VIC

Beautifully located on Port Philip Bay, Geelong is a gorgeous coastal town and a gateway to the iconic Great Ocean Road. Only 75 km south of Victoria’s famed capital city, it is the best alternative to Melbourne where you can obtain a working visa if you have a background in one of the key industries that are on the rise in this regional area. You can easily get employment in health care and social assistance, retail trade, education, construction, tourism and hospitality, technical services or financial and insurance services.

5 – Newcastle NSW

Newcastle is named the city of innovation as it supports emerging industries, start-ups and new businesses. Situated on the coast, just 160 km north of Sydney, its proximity to NSW’s sunny capital makes this beautiful town one of the most popular destinations for skilled workers from all over the world. Its economy revolves around manufacturing, construction, financial and insurance services, healthcare, rental and real estate services, technical services, education and training, mining, accommodation and food, wholesale trade, telecommunications and other industries.

These five regional areas have become ‘economic powerhouses’ with remarkable employment growth and substantial investments in commercial and residential construction. If you are looking for a skilled employer sponsored visa, consider settling in one of these attractive regions!

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