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Your Path To Study In Australia

Studying in Australia is a unique experience and a pathway to a permanent residency in the country. The top-class education you’ll get at Australian universities will significantly improve your career prospects as it opens up endless employment opportunities in the country and around the world.

With our knowledge and expertise, applying for a student visa will be a much easier, stress-free process. We will tell you exactly how to apply and what you can do to make your application stronger.

your path to study in australia
australian student visa 500


Find Out If You Are Eligible For An Australian Student Visa

To be eligible for an Australian Student Visa, you must satisfy a number of requirements including enrolling with a registered institution, proving your command of the English language, providing specific health insurance and showing that you are able to cover your fees and living costs. If you are not sure whether you fulfil all the requirements, we make an assessment for you. 

Even if you are not eligible for this visa right now, we might be able to  advise you which steps you can take to become a prospective candidate. Alternatively, we will show you other  pathways  available for you. Regardless of the type of visa you choose in the end, we can help you make a strong application and increase your chances of staying in Australia.   



We Can Help You Apply for the Visa Subclass 500

With professional guidance from a registered migration agent, you’ll feel more confident when applying for the Visa Subclass 500. We can help you put together the best possible application which will increase your chances to achieve your goal. Failing to provide all the crucial information may result in unnecessary delays or rejection of your application altogether. 

Offering you one-on-one consultations and all the guidance you need, we want to make sure that your application process goes as smooth as possible.    

visa subclass 500 australia
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We Will Help You Renew Your Student Visa On Time!

Here at Settlers Migration our team of migration agents can provide you with the appropriate guidance and advice so you can put forth the best application possible for any Visa you are going for.