Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker

The Skilled Migration Visa is one of the best  pathways for gaining permanent residency in Australia. We will help you find your occupation code and establish whether you are eligible for the visa. You can also rely on us to come up with a step-by-step plan for you to become a successful candidate and prepare an application that has great chances  of being accepted.

If you already live in Australia, obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa can help you pursue your career goals in this country and become eligible for permanent residency.

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Find Out If You Are Eligible For An Australian Skilled Migration Visa

With so many rules and requirements, it is hard work to assess your own situation and determine whether you are eligible for this visa. We will calculate your points and analyse your documents to give you professional advice on which visas you can apply for.

Even if you are not quite there yet, there are steps you can take to become a successful candidate. If you are not confident you can do it alone, let us help you make an assessment and draft a plan that will help you work your way to achieving your migration objectives.  




Let Us Help You Establish Which Visa Type Is The Best For You

Depending on your circumstances, you might be eligible for one or more different types of visas designed for skilled workers. 189 Visa allows you to work and study in Australia permanently  when you are not sponsored by an Australian employer, family or a state territory. You can also choose to apply for the 109 Visa (if you are nominated by an Australian State or Territory Government), 491 Visa (if you are sponsored by an Australian relative living in a designated area) or by a State or Territory Government and 191 Visa (allowing 494 and 491 visa holders to transition to permanent residency) which will be open to new applicants in 2022. 

Choosing the right visa for you can be very difficult if you are not sure how to collect and process all the information  required. We can save your time by providing you with clear and comprehensive instructions on how to choose the right visa type and how to prepare your application.

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We Will Help You Renew Your Student Visa On Time!

Here at Settlers Migration our team of migration agents can provide you with the appropriate guidance and advice so you can put forth the best application possible for any Visa you are going for.

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