finding your pathway to permanent residency

Finding Your Pathway To Permanent Residency

Australia is a beautiful country with many sites to behold; the exquisite beaches, vibrant nightlife and friendly people are all captivating. No wonder every visitor wants to settle here.

Of course, there are many pathways through which foreigners can acquire Australian permanent residency visas based on their individual circumstances. The three most common ways to create a pathway to PR in Australia are through acquisition of:

  • Work-stream permanent resident visa
  • Family-stream permanent resident visa
  • Investor or business-stream permanent resident visa

Working with professional migration visa agent Perth based experts can help you know whether or not you’re eligible for a given criteria before you apply.

Keep in mind that if your visa includes a ‘no further stay’ condition, you cannot stay in Australia beyond the day specified in the visa, so you will need to apply for and gain approval for a permanent residency visa, while your visa is still valid.

Work-stream permanent resident visas

Labor migration is a major reason for moving into Australia with 68% of the visas reserved for skilled workers. This makes employment the number one pathway to permanent residency in Australia.  

This is one of the ways that create a pathway to PR for foreigners looking to spend the rest of their lives in Australia. These visas are reserved for workers employed and sponsored by an Australian citizen or have skills that are esteemed in Australia.

Family-stream permanent resident visas

These are specifically for:

  • Spouses, children, parents or dependent relatives of any Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia
  • Children adopted or in the process of being adopted outside Australian borders
  • Care-givers who have to move to Australia to provide continuing care to an approved relative

Investor or business-stream permanent resident visa

While business visas are considered the most complex to apply and qualify for, working with a skilled migration visa Australia expert can help you lodge a successful application.

If you wish to pursue this option to create a pathway to PR, Settlers Migration is here to support your quest to invest in a company or migrate to Australia as an investor or a business owner.

With our expertise in helping foreigners from across the globe to find their way and settle in Australia, we provide comprehensive information, quality immigration advice and expert guidance to all our valued clients.

Whether applying for parent visa, partner visa, student visa, skilled migrant visa, graduate visa or state nominated visa, we assist you to discover your path to live, work or study in Australia.

If applying for skilled migration visa Australia is the only option you have to gain permanent residency in Australia, our team of experienced migration agents will professionally guide you through the processes to ensure your visa application has the highest chances of approval.

Are you set to settle in Perth? Consider our visa agent Perth service to learn more about available criteria and eventually choose the best visa option to help you achieve your goals. Having enabled hundreds of applicants to successfully obtain their preferred visas, we can guarantee exceptional services and 100% customer satisfaction.

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