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Changes to Australian Migration in 2021 - Settlers Migration
changes to Australian migration in 2021

Changes to Australian Migration in 2021

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating as it resulted in border closures, decreased migration, negative population trends and the decline of the economy. However, Australia is hoping to attract more migrants in the following years. There are many innovations that will impact the distribution of quota and encourage more applicants from certain categories. We’ve summarised some of the key changes below!

Which Visas Have the Priority?

Australia’s key goal is to recover the economy, and changes to the immigration process have been introduced to support it. Priority will be given to certain types of visas including business innovation and investment, employer-sponsored and global talent. Migration to regional areas will also be strongly encouraged, and this will affect all types of visas including partner, student and skilled worker visas.

The migration program predicts 160,000 visas granted which include 79,600 skilled workers, 77,300 visas under the family stream, 3,000 children and 100 special eligibility visas. Family stream visas have increased from 47,732 to 77,300 while temporary changes have been introduced to the family visa program. Among the skilled worker visas, there will be 11,200 regional nominations, 13,500 migrants from the business innovation and investment program and 15,000 global talent visas. If you need more tailored Australian migration advice, we encourage you to speak to a registered migration agent who can advise you on which visa to apply for and when to file your application.

Changes to Business Innovation Visas

One of Australia’s priorities is to attract migrants with exceptional business skills. In order to apply for a Business Innovation Visa, you need to prove to have assets valued at A$1.25 million or more and an annual turnover of at least $750,000.

Changes to Global Talent Program

Aiming to boost the post-Covid-19 economy in Australia, a Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce has been established to attract the most talented businesses and individuals. The program is estimated to bring 15,000 migrants.

Changes to Partner Visas

The major change to partner visa applications will be the English language requirement. While it will not affect applicants for 300 Prospective Marriage Visa, Subclass 309 Partner Visa or Subclass 802 Partner Visa, it will be a requirement for those applying for the permanent 801 or 100 visas. The purpose of this requirement is to stimulate better social cohesion, and the test should prove that the applicants have basic knowledge of the English language.

Changes to Temporary Graduate Visas

The good news for graduates is that the Australian government is going to extend the post-study work rights to some international students. One extra year will be granted to anyone who graduated from the regional campus and is holding their first Temporary Graduate Visa. The second subclass 485 is intended for students who expect to stay in a regional area.

If you are not sure how these changes to the immigration system could affect you, a registered migration agent can help you understand the new rules and turn them to your advantage. They can assess your situation and identify the best possible visa options available to you.