Live With Your Partner in Australia

Partner Visa is the perfect choice for you. Visa subclass 820 allows you to live in Australia with your partner temporarily and apply for the visa subclass 801 which is your pathway to permanent residency.

Obtaining a Partner Visa will help you strengthen your relationship and enable you to start making plans for the future. However, even if you have been married or are in a de facto relationship, it is not a guarantee you’ll be granted a visa. We can help you prepare all the supporting documents and increase your chances of becoming a successful candidate.

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Find Out If You Are Eligible For An Australian Partner Visa

Being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean you are automatically eligible for a Partner Visa. The key to preparing your application is starting early with collecting relevant documents. We can help you find out if you are eligible and give you professional advice on how to support your application with evidence.  


Get Married and Settle in Australia With Your Spouse

Whether you are planning a wedding or you are already married to your partner, you can apply for one of the visas that will allow you to settle in Australia. You can leave it to us to help you pinpoint the best migration path for you, depending on your specific circumstances.

The type of visa will depend on whether you live in our out of Australia and whether you have already tied the knot or intend to do this in the future. We can provide assistance from start to finish or simply offer consultation to give you the most important advice that will help you complete the application process yourself.  

get married and settle in australia
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We Will Help You Renew Your Student Visa On Time!

Here at Settlers Migration our team of migration agents can provide you with the appropriate guidance and advice so you can put forth the best application possible for any Visa you are going for.

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